New to Grace?

Welcome to Grace Community Church! We hope you find Grace a place to call home no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. We are thankful you have decided to visit our website. We hope you find it helpful as you consider partnering with GCC. On this site, you can explore the ministries of our church and discover the biblical principles undergirding those ministries.

What to Expect on Sundays

At Grace, we greatly value times of corporate worship. Sunday is singled out as a special time for us to encourage one another, to hear the word of God taught, and to lift up our voices in praise to the Lord. On Sunday morning, you will find:

  • Grace Life Classes (9:00 A.M.) Our classes are divided up by age, and, as you enter the building, a greeter will assist you in finding the right class for you and your family.
  • Coffee Fellowship (9:50 A.M.)
  • Encouraging Corporate Worship (10:15 A.M.) We desire to exalt God and edify believers. During these times, you can anticipate hearing the word of God faithfully taught and applied, and you can expect to participate in music that strives both to exalt the Lord and to instruct God’s people.
For Parents

We welcome children into our worship service, but we provide child care for the entire service for children three and under.  Children six and under attend the beginning of the service and are dismissed to their own classes before the sermon.  Also, an overflow room is available.

Outside of Sunday

Though we greatly value our times of corporate worship, we also realize that growing spiritually requires much more than Sunday morning. As a result, our desire is that our times of corporate worship will encourage you to further your involvement with GCC, facilitating close, personal relationships with others, exhausting yourself in spiritual service, and growing in your desire to see the salvation of all people groups.  To that end, we encourage you to get involved in a Community Group.

More About Us

We encourage you to look at the following information to learn what we teach and how to become a member of GCC.

If you have any questions regarding our church or need any help navigating through the website, don’t hesitate to contact the church office by phone at (256) 722-5929 by or email at