The Expositors Seminary

The Expositors Seminary is a ministry of Grace Community Church that trains men for pastoral ministry. The seminary is located on ten campuses and utilizes state-of-the-art video technology. The faculty also serve in local church ministry as pastors and elders. The Expositors Seminary offers a four-year Master of Divinity degree. 

I’m excited because I see evidences of change where churches are beginning to question the spiritual, financial, and practical impact of sending men into academic settings where church life is a second thought, if one at all. Returning the local church to its formative roots, the training of pastors is refreshing and welcomed from my perspective. The church is the pillar and support of the truth and the place from which men are called and sent into ministry. Only a healthy church, rooted in sound doctrine and faithful practice, is able to accomplish this weighty task. This is at the very heart of what TES is about.

Paul Lamey Pastor/Professor at The Expositors Seminary
  • A commitment to a high view/infallibilty of Scripture.
  • A conviction of the need for expository preaching.
  • An environment which allows students to receive personal mentoring in pastoral care and discipleship.
  • Local church campus locations, enabling students to prepare for ministry without the difficulties and costs of relocation.
  • Video-linked classes with other TES campuses, giving students exposure to a variety of instructors, professors, and pastors.
  • Class schedules that enable students to continue working.
  • Affordable tuition rates.
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv).
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministries and Expository Preaching.
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